"We Can't afford to rest on our laurels, we have keep on the move.
Our Business is a race against time.

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Pardeep Gupta (Manager-Sales)
Mob: +91 87500 55497


Kunal Tomar (Asst. Manager-Operations)
Mob: +91 87500 55491


Add:- L-15, Street No - 7, New Mahavir Nagar, New Delhi - 110018

Phone: 011-41543340, 41
Email: info@sakshemexim.com\
Website: www.sakshemexim.com

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Gurpreet Singh Khurana (Director)
Mob: +91 87500 55492


Add:- B-22, First Floor  Part –I, Vishnu Garden,New Delhi, Delhi-110018

Email: gurpreet@thekcustomizers.co.in
Website: www.thekcustomizers.co.in